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What People Are Saying About Billy's Exercise Equipment...

“The delegates were lining up to purchase his book and exercise equipment; they wanted to buy a piece of this energy man.”

Billy is passionate about helping people. This has led him to develop a number of products to help those he has worked with over the years.


What People Are Saying About Billy's books . . .

“Thanks for the book. I received it on Tuesday. Started reading it and couldn’t put it down…my wife is now reading it.” “Your message is reinforced in your book…many people (from the conference) are keen to give the book to their families to read.”

“My husband has never read a book in his life,…but within three days of getting your book, he had read it COVER TO COVER…AMAZING…so then I had to compete with my 10 year old daughter to see who would finish it first, she won!”

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