Corporate Presentations

With over 30 years professional speaking experience, Billy Graham can tailor his presentation to suit your specific needs. Check out below to see what Billy can do for you!

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Keynote Presentations

In constant demand as a speaker at conferences and business functions, Billy has delivered keynote presentations in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. 

Whether to the passengers on the QEII, an audience of 15,000 at the Melbourne Tennis Centre, or to the executives in your company, Billy will tailor his presentation to suit the occasion.

Billy Graham’s Keynote topics include:

  • Motivation: ‘Make it Happen’ with  Billy the Kid
  • Fitness & Lifestyle: ‘Healthy Living Made Simple’
  • Health & Safety: 'Keep Your Guard Up and Enjoy The Journey'
  • Sales and Marketing: ‘I’ll Never Stop Selling!’
  • Overcoming Adversity: ‘Getting Up Off The Canvas’
  • Our Community: 'Making A Difference'


‘Make It Happen with Billy the Kid’ is Billy’s life story; motivational, get your attitude right; make the most of yourself and every opportunity.

‘Healthy Living Made Simple’ is about the correct food to eat, how to exercise, and how to sort out the best lifestyle for you and your family; the importance of knowing yourself, and knowing your own limits and needs. Energy unleashes energy and has a large impact on performance.  Billy is a genius at all this!   

'Keep Your Guard Up and Enjoy The Journey'. If you break the rules you do pay the price; a practical down-to-earth message on how to be safe in the workplace.

‘I’ll Never Stop Selling!’ Billy's sales career began at nine years of age; he has sold everything from old records he found at the dump, to his unique fitness concept direct to the US Air Force. “Selling to me is basically common-sense. Find something that someone wants, and make sure you put it in their hands.” Energy and enthusiasm sell - have you got the energy?

 ‘Getting up off the Canvas’ is about how to handle the adversities you face in life; facing your fear and being in charge.

‘Making A Difference’. Be inspired by what Billy and his team are achieving with youth and families in their home town of Naenae. Most people want to have their home base secure and an enjoyable place to live. Sometimes they just need a little help. It’s not the big things we do, it’s the little things, including harnessing the support of those around us to achieve so much more together than is possible alone.  

Conference Workshops

Give your audience the opportunity to experience Billy at a personal level.

Billy Graham's Workshop topics include:

  • Teamwork – getting the best out of your workmates, how to enjoy your day while still achieving.
  • Energy Unleashes Energy – simple workout using Billy’s fitness products. Billy can answer individual questions about health/fitness issues during this session.
  • Stress Management - don't take yourself too seriously, realise the hero that's within.
  • Team Workshops that include management, brainstorming, thinking outside the square
  • Individual Planning Workshop – Goal Setting; writing out and committing to goals.
  • Sales Training – building relationships effectively, motivating even the most experienced sales people. 

After Dinner Presentations

Billy Graham can also entertain your guests with a lively & humorous After Dinner Guest Spot.  Choose from a range of topics including:

  • Tales of Boxing Legends
  • Confessions of a Butcher
  • Stories of Direct Sales - a uniquely N.Z. career

Billy's fee

A keynote presentation or workshop investment is $4,000 + GST, plus travel from Wellington and accommodation.  For a keynote presentation and an After Dinner Guest Spot, or for two keynotes/workshops it is $6,000 + GST, plus travel & accommodation. For these presentations over two days; $7,000 + GST plus travel and accommodation. 

Please let us know your specific requirements.  We know that you will be absolutely delighted with Billy's performance and his presentations will certainly add value and dynamics to your event.