“Get a life!”

Billy's main message is to maintain a strong level of fitness and health. Using his experience as a champion boxer and expertise in the health and fitness industry, he has developed a unique and simple approach to improving and maintaining fitness and health levels that can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities. A holistic approach to fitness, Billy deals with the physical and mental aspects of maintaining full health. Learn how to be a better you, inside and out!Bethlehem Baptist - crop

Billy has a number of seminars, workshops, and retreats where you can learn more of Billy's secrets to health and fitness success. You'll find more information about specific packages below.

  • health & fitness seminars
  • executive lifestyle packages
  • family conferences & retreats


  • Billy Graham's fitness concept

Health & Fitness Seminars

Learn Billy’s secrets to living life to the fullest! His seminars, and workshops are a great way to get to know him at a more personal level. Find out how he looks, feels, and thinks about life and how to live it.

Executive Lifestyle Packages

Next time you send your executives away on a retreat get Billy to live in with them for a day or two, personally encouraging them to exercise, eat and relax their way to achieving their potential.

Family Conferences & Retreats

Many people, after hearing Billy at an executive conference, want Billy to help their children: “I have a son who badly needs motivating.” “I wish my kids could have been here to meet you.” Why not have a “Billy Experience” as a whole family.

Billy is a family man and has a passion to see families grow together in a society that often, through work and other pressures, causes families to drift apart.

Contact us for more information on Billy’s great family adventures.

Billy Graham’s Fitness Concept

A simple, achievable programme that has been life-changing for many people. It only takes 15 minutes a day to stay fit for life.Billy has designed a unique fitness concept, endorsed by the U.S. Airforce Academy, U.S Taekwondo Union and Floyd Patterson - ex world heavy weight boxing champion.

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