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At 66 years of age, and rock solid fit, Billy Graham is a walking testimony to his own fitness programme. He has given some of the fittest and most elite athletes in the world a run for their money.

With so many people suffering from poor health, health and fitness has become a large industry from which we are seeing relatively small results. Billy is a living example of how to live fit and healthy. Take note as he teaches you the simple secrets of his success that anybody can embrace.

From a boxing technique workout to how to eat healthily, there’s something for everyone.

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Health & Fitness Workshops

Personalised coaching and mentoring at the 'coal-face' - the Naenae Boxing Academy. Let Billy give you a boxing workout, skipping and exercise routine. Use the punching bags and other equipment while Billy gives you his home grown wisdom on health & fitness, food, and lifestyle. A turn around for life. 

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Martial Arts Workshops

Billy has developed an interesting and effective combination of Martial arts and boxing techniques designed for fitness, accuracy, and control. A combination of Wing Chung basics with advanced boxing moves. Perfect for your sports team.

How To Get Fit For Life

Fitness is essential to reach your potential in any field. Whether you’re a mother looking after her children or a highflying executive on the cutting edge, you cannot achieve your goals without sustainable energy.

Being healthy involves more than just you. You’re more likely to stay on track if those who are close to you are also staying healthy. There’s nothing new under the sun, vegetables still work! Beware of fast fixes!

Develop a lifestyle for you and your family to encourage them to make the right choices. Check out Billy’s Family Conferences & Retreats.

Stress Management Workshop

In a fast-pace, stress-filled world, we all need to be encouraged to keep stress levels under control. Billy uses simple techniques and emphasises the importance of maintaining a healthy body with a healthy attitude. He will inspire you to live life to the full by keeping that all important balance.

An unforgettable session with Billy the Kid who puts what he says into practice every day of his life. His warmth and enthusiasm will inspire you to challenge your outlook and decide what is important.

Billy Graham’s Fitness Concept

Billy has designed a unique fitness concept, endorsed by the U.S. Airforce Academy, U.S Taekwondo Union and Floyd Patterson - ex world heavy weight boxing champion.

A simple, achievable programme that has been life-changing for many people. It only takes 15 minutes a day to stay fit for life.

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